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Catalyst - Guardian Rising


In a post-apocalyptic future, the fate of the world hangs in the balance. An unknown power seeks the forbidden knowledge needed to unleash total devastation once more upon a fragile Earth. It falls to one woman to safeguard the future of the Five Kingdoms.


Princess of the West, Vivienne has been plagued by nightmare visions of the past and the future since the moment of her birth. Now, to save all she loves from destruction, she must rise above the doubts that have assailed her since childhood to become the prophesied Guardian—because the enemy is moving, and the world will soon plunge into a war of sword and sorcery.

But who is the enemy? And who is a friend? Can Vivienne trust anyone apart from her sworn protector, Devon?

 The answers lurk in the past—but should the past be destroyed to protect the future?

January Frost

After an absence of ten years, Evelyn Graham-Frost is coming home. At eighteen, she ran away from Grey Cliff and all it stood for to compete on the international stage in professional 3-day equine eventing, a demanding profession requiring an amazing partnership between horse and rider. Ten years later she is at the top of her game when an injury takes everything away. Unable to compete, she must adjust to her new reality.

But coming back to Grey Cliff brings up vivd memories of a life she fled, a life with Trey Tattinger, lord and owner of Grey Cliff and the only man she ever loved completely. Her immediate problem is explaining the Trey about the daughter he didn't he about. The other is to decide once and for all how she feels about Trey and if she is willing to forgive the past.



The Price for Redemption

With her Protector a captive and a mad Druid bent on the destruction of the Five Kingdoms, Vivienne finds herself on the run under the watchful eye of Theirran. When she finds herself falling for the roguish Warrior, the Guardian must decide on her heart or her destiny.

The first battle of the War brings to light the extremity of Vivienne's talent and the lengths to which she will go to save what she believes.

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